What all other people share in common:

For all other people, their only secret is being easily available to each other, and seamlessly working together with each other, no matter who is better off than the other, or how long they have been apart.


Neither time nor borders: 

For those people who operate differently, their oneness with each other doesn’t know time & borders.

White South Africans, for example, have lived in South Africa since the 1650s, nearly the same time Black Americans have been in America. And according to wikipedia, white South Africans also came not from a single country, but from different countries (Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, Britain, Greece, Portugal etc), which countries some white people in the west do not necessarily share any ancestry with.

But throughout history, white South Africans have been very, very engaged with their peers across the world, including those whom they don’t share any ancestry with, and have never said they no longer have any connection with each other. The global white community, too, has not only remained one, but also, they believe their people from Europe to Canada to Australia to America to South Africa are inseparable.


Neither extreme poverty nor extreme wealth:

For all other humans, except us black people, neither extreme poverty nor extreme wealth, can make them disavow each other, or their homelands. The whole of Asia, for example, with the exception of a few places like Japan, was living in absolute poverty until only about 40 years ago.

But no single Asian American. No single British Asian. No single German Asian etc, including those who have lived in the west for generations, has ever, ever said “Asia was a long time ago”, or that they no longer had any connection to Asia. Neither have these people ever, ever left the task of bettering their homeland only in the hands of their people who remained on the continent.

Similarly, even when Asia as a whole was still living in total poverty, none of their diasporan people has ever, ever said that being called “an Asian American”, “a British Asian”, “a Taiwanese American”, or “a Korean American” is an insult.

This is sharp contrast with say, those Black Americans who have made it very clear that their dislike of the term “African American” is directly motivated by their dislike of their homeland Africa, and their quest to shed everything Africa.


It isn’t even about the money:

For all other humans, working together isn’t even about the money. And it isn’t about who has the money or who doesn’t. It is simply about being there for each other, no matter how long they have been apart.

It is about appreciating one’s roots, and having this at heart. And above all, it is about accepting that their cause is the same, and accordingly, making themselves easily available to each other, regardless of who is better off than other, and regardless of their history.

That is how the global Jewish community functions. It is how all other people operate. And it is how these people have managed to put poverty very far away from their people, and in turn earned real dignity.


Their history doesn’t even matter:

While we black people have even indicated that our history (for example the history of slavery) which none of us had any control over, makes us intolerable, lifelong foes who should never, ever work together on anything, all other humans have gotten over their past, and it is how they have gotten where they are.

For example, there is no such thing as a Jewish community anywhere on earth that views other Jews elsewhere as foes, because of the Holocaust. In the same way, countries like Britain, Germany, France etc, who also happen to be original architects of slavery, were at war with each other as recently as 1945.

Today, these people are the true definition of what it means to be close allies, not just at government level, but all the way down to their ordinary citizens. This is unlike us black people, humanity’s poorest.


For these people:

Their only trick is being easily available to each other, and seamlessly working together with their peers.

Any white south African farmer will very easily meet with any white personality of their choosing anywhere in the world, anytime. A Chinese American from Hollywood or Silicon Valley will very easily take a subsidiary of their work to Beijing, regardless of whether they have lived in America for centuries, and will very easily work together on anything with other Chinese anywhere in the world, anytime.

Even here in my neighboring town of Kamuli, in eastern Uganda, every Indian who runs a local shop or supermarket here, including those who have lived here since the early 1900s, are very seamlessly in touch with their fellow Indians across the globe, and will very easily work together on anything, anytime.


Time, in particular, doesn’t matter:

The other thing all other people share in common? The time that they have been apart doesn’t matter.

The global Jewish community, for example, has been dispersed from their Jewish homeland for centuries. German Jews alone have lived in Germany for 1700 years, according to the Leo Baeck Institute. According to Wikipedia, German Jews first arrived in Germany in the year 321, which is 1701 years ago today.

Still, after spending all those centuries in Europe, “when Israel became independent [just recently] in 1948, most European Jews left for the new state [Israel]”, according to Wikipedia.

The most important thing here, however, isn’t that of leaving Europe and moving to Israel. It is their ability to understand that they still belong together with their people whom they left over 16 centuries back, and that their cause is the same.


No cultural or other excuses:

While we black people have even said things like “we are not the same”, “we are culturally different” etc, and that it’s why we can never work together, for all other humans, being separated from each other even for centuries, can’t make them view each other as culturally different, or that they can’t work together.

For example, there isn’t a single white person, say those who were born in South Africa, who has ever ever said even once, that they are “culturally different” from their white peers say from Canada or Australia or Europe or America, and that their background makes it totally impossible for them to ever work together.

For all other people, except us blacks, no cultural, ideological, political, historical or other differences can stop them from working together. Even having the most irreconcilable differences won’t separate them.

If I am not mistaken, even the most radical right-wing white man in Europe, will still very easily work on anything with the most left-wing white man elsewhere on earth, anytime. To put it in the words of this black man, “whites even in hate can work together”. This is unlike us black people, humanity’s poorest.



These people (the whites, the Asians etc) who have only managed to get where they are because of their culture of working together, are also the ones we black people are very busy seeking equality from, while at the same time keeping our fellow black people at a distance, and rejecting the idea of working together to change our lot, or working together to change our homeland Africa, like all other humans have done.