Things other humans say (solidarity-wise):

1). “Do you know why you black people look at us Hispanics and say, damn, [why do these people have all the things they have?].  You know how it is?

We stick together. As Hispanics, we work together. We help each other out. As a Hispanic, do you know what I have seen about you black people? You guys are always trying to compete against each other. Always trying to put each other down. You need to work together. Like us Hispanics do. That’s the difference between Hispanics and black people. That is why, if a Hispanic starts a business, most of the time it’s successful. Because he is not doing it all by himself. [He has the backing of all other Hispanics]”.

— A Hispanic man in America, explaining (video) not only how the Hispanics (like all other humans) take uplifting each other as a very precious thing, but also expressing pity for the inability of we black people to work together like all other people do, and even giving us a heartfelt advice asking us to change.


2). “Is the German public aware of this? Surely it is a violation… ”

— Elon Musk, who doesn’t even have any Italian ancestry, defending the sovereignty of his Italian peers against illegal African immigrants. Not necessarily because Elon somehow dislikes Africans, but because, for all other humans except us blacks, their solidarity with each other doesn’t know time and borders.


3).  “I have asked Secretary of State to closely study the South Africa land [policy] and farm seizures…”

Trump, a real human, taking a stand for his white peers in South Africa who already own 72% of all agricultural land that belongs to individuals in South Africa. Not because Trump somehow dislikes black South Africans, but because, for all other humans, their solidarity with each other is undebatable.


4).  ‘I didn’t even think my words could be seen as an appeal to white nationalists’ — Tucker Carlson, another real human, doing what all real humans do — taking a stand for his white peers in South Africa.