Things other humans say (diaspora-wise):

1).  “The Indian diaspora is not just a part of India’s soft power. It is also…” — A local Indian website, based in India, speaking proudly about the Indian diaspora and the role it plays in India’s development.

According to the Economist, India’s diaspora “has been the largest in the world since 2010, and is a powerful resource for India…” It is what the Asian diaspora as a whole does; it is what the Jewish diaspora does, and it is how all other humans work with their homelands no matter how long they have been apart.


2).  “Diaspora investment revitalized the Chinese private sector’s flagging township and village enterprises, and underpinned a national balance of payments that allowed importation of capital goods to upgrade the wider economy.

During the post-Tiananmen years, billions in international loans to China had been frozen.. [but] diaspora investment more than compensated for the fall-off in western investment… By 1994, China’s economy had turned around to become the region’s most exciting growth story.

China’s ability to grow at double digits while retaining a huge and inefficient state-owned sector, a closed capital account and an underdeveloped financial system was made possible by building an export machine based on foreign investment… from diaspora Chinese.”

— writes an Asian. Meaning, just like Africa, China also had an inefficient state-owned sector, and an underdeveloped financial system, but because of the oneness of their people (and the diaspora), it still prevailed, defied all sorts of western pressure, and went straight to becoming the world’s #2 economy.


3).  “It’s not just the money. You are investing in your identity”.

— Israel telling every single Jew in the Jewish diaspora, that investing in their Israel homeland, isn’t simply about the money. It is also the only way of earning true dignity as Jews, no matter where on earth they live.  Kind of reflects Marcus Garvey, MLK and Malcolm X’s words that, “a people is only respected when it has a nation worthy of respect” — which nation, in our case as black people globally, is Africa.

And the good news is: for the Jews, like all other humans, none of them objects to such a call from their homeland, or brings up things like “we have been outside of Israel for 2000 years” as reason to not work together with their Jewish homeland, or to not work together with their Jewish peers across the world, no.


4).  “Diaspora Jews have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in aid [in only five days, as of October 12, 2023]… This is just the beginning. Donations are pouring in rapidly”. — Diaspora Jews across the world, on supporting their Jewish homeland amidst a standoff with Hamas.


5).   “The role the Korean diaspora played in developing Korea… in revitalizing the Korean economy and… in shifting Korea’s status from a ‘developing’ to ‘developed’ country is difficult to ignore.”

— A local Korean newspaper, based in Korea, publicly showing off (or flaunting) the contributions of the Korean diaspora in developing their Korean homeland.


6).   “The Korean diaspora will continue to play important roles in the future development of Korea.” — says an Asian author with confidence, because he already knows the work ethic of the Asians as a people.


7).   “The Chinese Diaspora’s most significant contribution to the country’s transformation process was Foreign Direct Investment made by the Chinese Diaspora”. — A paper by an Asian scholar (PDF), on the role the Chinese diaspora has had in China’s rise from poverty to the world’s second largest economy.


7).  “Numerous authors agree that 70 to 80 percent of foreign investments was due to the Chinese diaspora. This has contributed in a very decisive way to the spectacular development of this country since the mid-1980s. ” — Science Direct.