Slavery shouldn’t divide us eternally:

Listen: all other people have put their history behind, and it’s how they have managed to get where they are today. As you can agree, there is no such thing as a Jewish community anywhere on earth that views other Jews elsewhere as foes, because of the Holocaust. These people are one, just like all other humans.

Even countries like Britain, Germany, France etc, who also happen to be the original architects of slavery, were at war with each other as recently as 1945 (World War I, World War II etc). Today, these people are the true definition of what it means to be intimate allies. Why not us black people, humanity’s poorest?


We didn’t even sell you:

Many of you have said that our African ancestors are the ones who sold you, and that it is the reason we can never work together, but the fact is: the very day slave trade began to wane here in Africa, is the same day full-blown colonialism set in across the continent and this never ended until as recently as the 1990s.

Under colonialism, those of us who remained here in Africa, also had zero powers over our lives, just like those of you who were taken across the Atlantic. Question then is: do you somehow think our African ancestors (who supposedly sold you) had the powers to stop slavery, but just couldn’t stop colonialism?

That’s, do you believe we had the capacity to save you from being taken into slavery, but just couldn’t save ourselves from colonialism? Nope. If our ancestors couldn’t stop colonialism, they couldn’t stop slavery either, whether they were paid or not. The whole thing was involuntary on the side of Africans.


But whether we sold you or not:

To me, this shouldn’t be a reason for us to shun each other into total dysfunctionality. Remember, all other humans are moving only in the clockwise direction, and have been doing so for decades, except us.

Even those people who were in the same shoes with us until only recently (for example the Asians), have since put poverty behind, and have even turned their homelands into world-class economies, and their diasporan communities are the ones who have had the biggest role in transforming their homelands.

And in the end, it benefits all of their people equally, both those back home, and in the diaspora. Today, a Singaporean American, or a Korean American, has more flexibility, and more freedom of choice, than any black man in the west, thanks to a culture of working together to better their people and their homelands.

Why not us black people? Why can’t we forget slavery and start working together to better our people?



Some of you Black Americans have suggested that you have been separated from your homeland Africa for long, that “we are no longer the same” etc, and that it is the reason we shouldn’t be working together to change our lot, or our homeland Africa. But this is also a departure from how all other humans operate.


For all other people:

Their oneness doesn’t know time and borders. Even those European Jews who have lived in Europe for 2000 years, or those German Jews who have lived in Germany for 1700 years, are still very seamlessly engaged with their Jewish peers across the world, and their homeland which they left centuries ago.

Same with those white South Africans who have lived in Africa since 1652, or those Asian Americans and European Asians who have called the west home for centuries. These people, too, have been separated from their people, and their homelands, for long. But they are still one with their people back home, and in fact, they are the reason their homelands have become what they are. It is what all other people do.

Why not us black people? And just to be clear: working together isn’t about you leaving America to stay in Africa (unless you want to). It is simply about understanding that our cause is the same, and accordingly, working together to better our lot, and to better our homeland Africa, like all other humans have done.