Ready for a change?

If you are a black person who understands that our disconnect only betrays blackness as a whole while all other humans are very busy bettering their people, here are 4 things I am asking you to do this point on.

Remember, all other humans have changed, and have put poverty very far away from their people, and it’s only us black people who haven’t. And for all other humans, their oneness doesn’t know time and borders. Even those European Jews who have been separated from their Jewish homeland for 2000 years, are still very seamlessly engaged with their Jewish homeland, and their Jewish peers allover the world.

So it is upon us black people. The more we continue finding every possible reason to justify why we can’t work together, the more blackness is going to be everyone’s laughter, and the symbol of human misery.


Here are the 4 things:


1). I am asking that we, the global black community, become a people like all others.

That’s, a people who very easily, and very seamlessly, work together with our fellow black people across the world, and above all, a people who even have our homeland Africa at heart, like all other humans do.


2). End all #BlackThreesomes in all their forms everywhere. 

In the eyes of the world, blackness is one inseparable thing. And because of our inability to work together and transform our lot, like all other humans have done, today, the world despises all of blackness equally.

To put it in the words of this writer, today, “there is no single nonblack nation [anywhere on earth], even among the most liberal ones, where the black man is dignified”. It doesn’t matter where on earth you live, or how wealthy you are, as long as you are black, no dignity. Not because the world somehow dislikes us, but because of our own inability to work together and reclaim our dignity, like other people have done.

So, a Black threesome, to me, is any language/behavior by a black person, aimed at disdaining other black people or our homeland Africa, yet the rest of the world disdains all of us equally. In other words, fucking your fellow black people, or our homeland Africa, while the rest of the world is very busy fucking you too.

A black threesome may include phrases like “they’re not us”, “we are not the same”, “those are tethers”, “we are not African”. To me, even the phrase “Foundational Black American” as used by some blacks in America, if used specifically for the purpose of shunning other black people, is in fact a Black threesome.


3). For Black Americans, in particular:

You are Africa’s most elite diasporan community, please act like it.

You are to Africa what the American Jews and the Asian Americans are to Israel and Asia respectively. Please be it. I can’t prescribe exactly what you should do, but maybe, you can learn from how other people in America work with their homelands. Remember, all other humans have changed, except only us.

Ten years ago, one Black American named Jerome Almon wrote saying, “the African Diaspora outside of America has done a great job in helping the continent, it is time for us to do our part.”

Mr. Almon was calling on Black Americans to start investing $100 billion in Africa annually. He added, “we already spend $1 trillion+ and get nothing for it. [By investing in Africa], we get everything for it, and a place to call home”. So, maybe you can use Mr. Almon’s idea as a starting point.

Maybe you can consider effecting only 10% of Mr. Almon’s idea. Maybe 100%. But whether you use Mr. Almon’s idea or not, it’s time you acted for your homeland Africa, in your capacity as Africa’s  most elite diasporan community, the same way the Asian Americans and others work with their homelands.

Just for context, the Chinese diaspora was already investing $10 billion annually in their Chinese homeland 28 years ago in 1995, according to Science Direct. Back then, Black Americans had a spending power of only $406 billion, and the digital age was only beginning.

In other words, both the spending power, and the networks and connections (or the power and influence) that you Black Americans have right now in 2024, is far higher than what it was in 1995. But in 1995, the Chinese diaspora was already investing $10b annually in their homeland. It means there is a lot that you Black Americans too can do for your homeland Africa in 2024.


4). Let’s become a people like all others — right away. 

Let a culture of working together begin immediately. Remember again, all other humans have changed, and have put poverty very far away from their people, and it’s only us black people who haven’t.


And on this note:

I am asking the global black community to help me end the black misery (the grip of poverty) here in my region of Busoga, Uganda’s most impoverished region where virtually nothing is in place to end poverty.

I am seeking a minimum of $240k to get my intended project off the ground. But considering people’s circumstances here, and the geographical vastness of our region, I have six alternative funding goals.

My minimum goal of $240k will only enable me to roll out my intended work on a basic level, in only a few rural communities. My next goal is $620k and so on. My biggest goal overall is $200m*, and if this is what I raise, I will scale my intended work across the whole of Busoga, a region the size of Gambia.

* Incidentally, my biggest goal of $200m is also the amount Jay Z and Beyonce recently spent on a house. If two people can raise this money, the global black community can definitely help me find this money. And in my case, I won’t be spending this money to buy a single house, but to stem the cycle of poverty in a region the size of an entire country (Gambia), which also doubles as Uganda’s most impoverished.


The solution that I want to develop is an integrated agro-processing plant that shall create new market linkages for rural poor smallholder farmers in our region, by linking these farmers’ produce with agri-value chains. This plant shall be 80% owned by the rural poor farmers who will growing the crops that this plant will be working on. A detailed description of this plant is available here, and also here.


1). A breakdown of my six alternative goals, and the work that we will do at each level, is available here.


2). I am not just seeking money. If you have the time, physically come to the ground in Uganda, and work with us as ONE from start to finish, to develop this plant. My nonprofit, the UCF, has enough onsite accommodation and local food for those people who can work together with us this way. We also have our own clean water source (a borehole) at the UCF, plus a few motorbikes and a dump truck for local travel.

Those people who can physically work with us, will form part of the finance team that will be responsible for overseeing (and sharing with the world) how the money I am raising for this plant is spent.


3). To ensure that this plant (and its ownership structure) runs exactly as I have envisioned even after I am gone, I want this plant to be guided by an international Board right from the development process. To nominate yourself as part of this international board, please let me know on anthony[@]


4). Help me raise the needed $240k – $200m now, by chipping in here, or via other means (including bank transfer and employee workplace giving) as shown here. You can also create your own fundraiser on my behalf (in this case please let me know so I can mention your fundraiser somewhere on this website).



1). I will be communicating on a weekly basis via my personal twitter (@KaluluAnthony) the total I have raised thus far via the different channels (i.e. online, bank transfer, and employee workplace giving).



Back in 2020, I made a very impassioned plea asking the global black community to help me develop the same plant that I am aiming to develop now. But back then, every black person on earth whom I shared that plea with, declined to even merely click on that plea, to see what is there (yes, I use google analytics).

I am very sure, though, if I was a Jew living in Israel, or an Asian living in Asia, all the Jewish and Asian people across the world whom I would have shared that plea with, would not only have read it, but also, they would have even lent a hand. For me, though, every black person on earth only looked down on me.

But again, if we don’t change, and become a people like all others, blackness is forever going to be the only thing that doesn’t change. Black misery will be eternal. Let’s become a people like all others ASAP.