1).  On platforms like twitter, I have seen some Black Americans saying that even people in Africa aren’t united, do not work together, and that it is therefore okay for Black Americans, too, to do the same.

I agree, we black people globally, including those of us here in Africa, have remained a people who do not work together. However, even those people, for example the Asians, who have moved their people from poverty, and turned their homelands into world-class economies, these people, too, aren’t very perfect.

But all it has taken for them to change their people, and their homeland, is a few one-eyed men amongst them, in particular those Asians in the diaspora. In our case as black people, you Black Americans, being the most exposed, most elite diasporan blacks on earth, are surely the biggest one-eyed men amongst us.

It is honestly impractical for someone who has all the exposure that you Black Americans have, to wait for an African who is sleeping in rags, and who is going hungry, to take the lead on changing blackness, or on changing our homeland Africa. If blackness is to change, most change will have to come from the few one-eyed men amongst us. And again, you Black Americans are the top one-eyed men amongst us.


2).  Also on twitter, I have seen many Black Americans saying “Africa is not a country. We have no citizenship and no land in Africa…”, as the reason for not working together with their homeland Africa.

But look: even Asia is not a country. It is a continent with lots of countries, and many of the Asians in the diaspora who have helped their homeland become what it is today, have also been living in the diaspora for centuries, and they too, have no citizenship and no land in Asia. Same with those European Jews who have been in Europe for 2000 years, or those German Jews who have called Germany home for 1700 years.

These people, too, have no citizenship, and no land, in their homelands. But this has never been a reason for them to not work together with their people allover the world, or their homelands which they left centuries ago. Again, these people are the main reason their homelands have become what they are today.


3). Similarly, I have seen some Black Americans across the web (on YouTube, twitter etc), saying they are “culturally different” from their black peers from Africa, and that it is why we can never work together.

What I can say is: white people, who totally do not look like us, have physically been present in every impoverished black community on earth, from Africa to the Americas, doing the little they can to help our black brothers and sisters escape poverty, for decades. In fact white people have maintained continuous, uninterrupted contact with black communities globally, right from the days of slavery in the 1400s.

Same with the Asians. Even in the remotest corners of Africa, today, there are Asians who have co-existed alongside Africa’s rural poor, for long. Why, then, is it that we black people ourselves, are the ones who believe we are culturally different, to the extent of totally shunning each other, and our homeland Africa?


4).  Also on twitter, I have seen some Black Americans saying,”Black Americans need to stop thinking about Africa. America is the country our ancestors built not Africa”. Here is what I can say on this:

Most white people who are scattered allover the world today, began leaving their European homeland back in the 1400s, establishing permanent settlements in the Americas, Africa, etc. But because these people remained one, they never stopped building their European homeland to this day. The result?

These people, today, have an entire first-world continent or shared home (Europe) of their own, where they can pop in whenever and however they want, without anyone asking them why they have come, in addition to all the other glittering places (Aus, NZ, Canada, US) that they have built outside of Europe.

Most importantly, the presence of a dignified Europe doesn’t stop these people from being permanent citizens of places like America, Australia, New Zealand etc. It only gives them a little more convenience, and makes their life a little bit easier. Why not us black people? Working together to build our own homeland Africa isn’t an eviction from the country where you live today, and which you love so dearly. It only gives all black people a poverty-free shared home, or a poverty-free SECOND home, of our own.


5). Recently, on Quora, I saw a post where one Black American wrote saying that those Black Americans who are currently moving to Africa, are “Pan-Africanist Buppies” who are moving to Africa because of “ideological fervor”, i.e., a belief in pan Africanism.

This is also the same reasoning I have seen (online) from those people who identify as “Foundational Black Americans” (FBA). In fact, from what I have read thus far, every Black American who identifies as an FBA, says “only the pan-Africanists”, or “Pan-African types”, are the people who believe in Africa.

But to me, this only explains everything that is wrong with black people as a whole.

Because, if you are a Black American, for example, it means you are the same person who is surrounded by lots of American Jews who very unwaveringly believe in their Jewish homeland, and it’s not because of Pan-Israelism or Pan-Jewishism. You are the same person who is surrounded by many Asian Americans who very passionately support their Asian homeland, and it’s not because of Pan-Asianism.

Why is it that for us black people, supporting and building our homeland Africa is only because you are a “Pan Africanist buppy”, or a “Pan-African type”, rather than because working together, and building our homeland is a good thing to do in the first place — just like the Jews, the Asians, and all other people do?


6).  Lastly, I have also seen several Black Americans using the phrase… “they want us to be African so bad”, as a way of rejecting Africa. If you are one of those Black Americans who think that way, take heed:

According to the World bank, China’s GDP per capita only 30 years ago in 1990, was a measly $347, while the US GDP per capita the same year was already above $20,ooo. Additionally, every other Asian country, with the exception of a few places like Japan, was still very, very poor between the period 1970 and 1980.

But in the space of only decades, these people have lined their Asian homeland with a whole list of world-class economies from Singapore to the UAE. And this has been the work of all the Asians as a people, including those Asians who have lived in the west since the 1800s. In fact, all reports indicate that those Asians in the diaspora, are the ones who have had the highest hand in this. And in the end, it benefits all of their people equally, those in America, those in Europe, those in Africa, and those back home in Asia.

What I can say, however, is:

If those Asians in the west, back in the 70s when Asia as a whole was still very poor, had said things like “they want us to be Asian so bad” etc, to the extent of totally avoiding any connection with their Asian homeland, I believe the world’s second largest economy, today, wouldn’t have been China. And places like South Korea, Malaysia etc, wouldn’t have been what they are today. Luckily, these people didn’t utter such things, and didn’t shun working together with their Asian homeland, or their people back home.

The result? An Asian living elsewhere in the world, today, doesn’t need to launch an Asian Lives Matter movement to survive, or to live a dignified life. If all else fails, these people currently have a whole list of world-class economies which they can turn to anytime, and which all of them were a part in building.