1).  I am an African who has never even been outside of Africa.

But because of the black misery (i.e., the ultra poverty) where I live, I have tried to befriend the whole world over the last ten years. Today, I know all the traits that are unique to only us black people globally.

For example, I understand that, after reading the things that I have written on this website, some Black Americans are going to say, “imagine, this time it’s an African who has never even been outside of Africa who is talking about us”.

Here is what I can say on this: Understanding black misery, and its causes, doesn’t need one to first travel. After all, for those people who function differently, an Israel Jew living in Israel doesn’t need to first travel to understand what his fellow Jews elsewhere think, or to understand what the Jews as a people should be doing to better their lot.

To me, it is high time we black people accepted that working together helps all of blackness equally. Remember again, all other humans have changed, except only us black people.


2). If you are a black person living outside of Africa, don’t get me wrong: working together isn’t about you leaving your country to stay in Africa, unless you want to. It is simply about understanding that our cause is the same, and thus working together to better our lot, and our homeland Africa, like all other people do.

For you Black Americans, in particular, being the flagship diasporan Africans with both the highest GDP, and the most leverage, it is about you bringing BLACK investments (i.e. Foreign Direct Investment) in our homeland Africa, the same way the Asian diaspora has been investing in their Asian homeland forever.


3). However, for the sake of showing our homeland some genuine love, it is surely in order, i.e., fitting for people in the African diaspora to also have homes on the continent, although this is not necessarily the definition of working together. Remember, Asians in the west have homes in Asia. Same with the Jews.