A dignified African homeland is good for all of blackness equally:

No matter where on earth you live, having a dignified homeland helps us all equally. If there was no dignified Europe or a dignified Israel, even the wealthiest white man in South Africa, or the wealthiest Jew in Hollywood, wouldn’t have any real dignity. A homeland is the very first step to being human.

Remember also, you can never convince a single Asian American, or a single European Asian, including those who have lived in the west for generations, to distance themselves from their Asian homeland. Yet Asia as a whole, with the exception of a few places like Japan, was a very impoverished place until only recently. But these people have never distanced themselves from their homeland, even amidst poverty.

It is what all other humans do. Their passion for their places of origin is unwavering. Why not us blacks?



If we black people were a people who functioned the same way all other humans do, working together to build our own homeland, isn’t an eviction from your current bubble, or your current country of residence.

It is simply about having a place we can all call home; a place that can act as the bedrock of dignity for the global black community — as people like Marcus Garvey, W. E. B. Du Bois and Malcolm X all knew — and above all, a place that black people everywhere can use as a buffer, or a second home, if they needed one.

Meaning, a poverty-free homeland isn’t simply about dignity. It is also good for your own convenience.


For example:

Many Asians who are living in the west and elsewhere in the world, have been there for centuries. But today, these people are very free to head back home anytime, and still get by just fine. All because these people have a second home, and a poverty-free one at that, which all of them were a part in building.

A Korean American, or a Singaporean American, today, has more flexibility, and more freedom of choice, than any black man in the west, thanks to their culture of working together to better their people, and their homelands.

Today, whether the problem is career-related pressure, or anti-Asian sentiment somewhere in the west in the middle of covid, these people (the Korean Americans, Chinese Americans, the European Asians etc) have the privilege, and the choice, to decide where they want to be, and still earn the same quality of life.



When you read the news, you realize that most white South Africans, for example, very often switch homes between Europe, and back home in South Africa, whenever they feel like. It is the same privilege the global Jewish community, the global Asian community, and all other humans on earth enjoy today.

All because these people, all of them have their own dignified, poverty-free homelands that can lift up their people globally, and which their people can turn to anytime, and still live the same quality of life.


This is unlike us blacks:

For us black people, our black brothers and sisters wherever on earth they are (those working as migrant laborers in the Middle East, those who are braving the Mediterranean, those in Europe or North America, those in the Caribbean etc), it doesn’t matter how hard circumstances are, our only choice is to persevere.

All because of our unwillingness to work together and change our lot, or to change our homeland Africa.


Our inability to work together only betrays all of Blackness equally:

Recently, I saw a WSJ article that said that, in 2021 alone, more than 1,400 US-trained Chinese scientists and engineers (many of them natural-born American citizens) gave up their “tenured positions at top-tier American universities”, including Harvard and MIT, and left for mainland China and elsewhere, due to certain reasons. The same thing was reiterated in 2022 here, and in 2023 here.

But one thing I can say with certainty is: If these Chinese scientists were black people (be it Africans or Black Americans) who were living in America, they wouldn’t have left America, let alone elite institutions like MIT and Harvard, to head for their homeland Africa, or any black country anywhere.

Thing is: these black people would have endured, and would have persevered, no matter how unbearable circumstances were back in America, and no matter how badly it hurt.

The reason? Nowhere to go, or at least not a single black country anywhere on earth where to go, and still live the same quality of life that they would find in America. And above all, no homeland to use as a buffer.

So, why can’t we black people use all these things as a lesson to become a people who very easily work together the same all other humans do, and a people who even have our homeland Africa at heart?


And I bet (more).