The leverage (or the power and influence) that Black Americans currently possess as the most elite diasporan African community on earth, is potent and/or resonant only when used in a place like Africa.

Even the Asian diaspora for example, who have been the main force behind the rise of places like Korea, China etc, if they had instead chosen to use their wherewithal, or their leverage,

to build castles in the west, rather than helping their homelands become the world-class economies they are today, the Asians as a whole — both those back home, and those in the diaspora — would be considered a failure.

in addition, the Asians as a whole, today, would still have no single poverty-free second home of their own, which their people can turn to, if they needed one.  luckily, because of their work ethic, and their passion for their places of origin, these people currently have a whole host of world-class economies that their people allover the world can use as a second home anytime

It is why, even for Black Americans, their leverage can only reverberate in a place like Africa, or other wholly black-inhabited places, not in the west.