Overall, Black Americans, are the biggest WASTED opportunity for blackness, and for themselves:


For all other people (the Asians, the Jews etc), change only comes from working together with their peers across the world, regardless of their history, and regardless of how long they have been apart. For these people, their diasporan communities, especially those in the west, are also their most cherished drivers of change. And again, it isn’t even about the money. It is simply about the networks and connections; the willingness to be there for each other, and above all, a drive to see their peers, and their homeland, thrive.


In our case as black people:

Black Americans, being the biggest, most connected, and most networked diasporan African community in the west, are the flagship and the most elite diasporan community representing not only our homeland Africa, but also blackness as a whole.


And just to be clear:

By western standards, Black Americans are indeed a very poor lot*.

However, the networks and connections alone (i.e., the leverage) that Black Americans collectively possess, if used as a driver of change say in our homeland Africa, is more than enough to turn Africa into our own China, i.e., a China for the global black community, and to transform blackness as a whole.

Of all the diasporan African communities on earth today, Black Americans are presently the people with the most leverage to bring about transformational change for blackness as a whole, if only they worked together with their fellow black people across the world.

Most importantly, that leverage is only potent and/or resonant only when used in a place like Africa.

In other words, the networks & connections (or the power and influence) that Black Americans currently possess, can only translate into transformational change for blackness as a whole, only when used in the land of blackness, i.e., Africa, or other wholly black-inhabited places, like the Caribbean, not in the west.

But then, not only have Black Americans historically shunned any connection with their homeland Africa, or any connection with their black peers from Africa and elsewhere, but also, many have even said “Africa was a long time ago”, and that it is why they even feel the term “African American” is an insult.

This is what makes Black Americans the biggest wasted opportunity for blackness as a whole.


On the other hand:

A place like Africa is also where Black Americans themselves have the best chance for using their leverage in a way that creates more flexibility for Black Americans themselves, even if they remained in America fulltime. In other words, changing Africa would be very life-changing even to Black Americans themselves.

If a developed Asia is very useful even to those Asian Americans who have lived in America for centuries, OR, if the Asians as a whole believe Africa is very good for them, yet these people already have their own Asia that is full of world-class economies, a developed Africa surely is very useful to Black Americans too.

First, even if every Black American all of a sudden became a billionaire today, that still isn’t going to make America a first world BLACK nation, or a first world homeland for black people, and it won’t even stop Black Americans themselves from decrying black indignity — with no place to call a second home.

This is what makes it a big wasted opportunity for Black Americans themselves, to refuse to use their leverage in a way that changes blackness as a whole, e.g. via our homeland Africa.


* Black Americans aren’t even that poor:

Although Black Americans may be among the poorest demographics in America, they are not even that poor. Both leverage-wise, and cash-wise, Black Americans are by far ahead of any other black population on earth, and have surely got what it takes to bring about transformational change for blackness as a whole, or to even turn our homeland Africa into our own China, if we black people only worked together.

For now, though, these are only wishes. These are things Black Americans simply do not want to hear.


And of course:

The events of slavery, which none of us had any control over, is the reason most Black Americans have given for shunning their homeland Africa, and for viewing their black peers from Africa and elsewhere as lifelong foes whom they can never work together with to better our lot, or to better our homeland Africa.

But these things are only recipe for eternal black misery, while all other humans are very busy moving their people from eternal poverty, and are very busy lining their homelands with world-class economies.


This ISN’T even an eviction:

The thing Black Americans in particular have failed to understand is that: working together to build our own African homeland, isn’t an eviction from your current bubble, or your current country of residence.

It is simply about having a place we can all call home; a place that can serve as the bedrock of dignity for the global black community, and above all, a place that black people everywhere can use as a buffer, or a second home, if they needed one. Call it a poverty-free SHARED home for the global black community.


For example:

Many Asians who are living in the west and elsewhere in the world, have been there for centuries. But today, these people are very free to head back home anytime, and still get by just fine. All because these people have a second home, and a poverty-free one at that, which all of them were a part in building.

Today, whether the problem is career-related pressure, or anti-Asian sentiment somewhere in the west in the middle of covid, these people (the British Asians, Korean Americans, Chinese Americans etc) now have the privilege, and the choice, to decide where they want to be, and still earn the same quality of life.

Whether the cause is career pressure at elite American institutions like Harvard and MIT, these people currently have the privilege, and the choice, to decide where they want to be, and still fare just fine.

Why not us black people? Why can’t we become a people who function the same way all other humans do?