And I bet:

If we the ordinary poor Africans who are presently battling abject poverty here in Africa, somehow managed to turn Africa into our own China or Europe on our own — without the help of you our brothers and sisters in the west — you guys will definitely want to come over here, and enjoy the benefits of having a first world African homeland. You guys honestly will covet us, and will want to be a part of us.

This is not to suggest, however, that you shouldn’t come to Africa, if those of us who are here today somehow managed to turn our homeland into a first world homeland on our own. Nope. It is to say that the time for us black people to become a people who are easily available to each other, and a people who seamlessly work together like all other humans do, is now — and is at least 400 years long overdue.

The other thing is: if we black people were to work together for the betterment of our homeland (which we surely should), you our brothers and sisters in the west are the ones with the most potential to bring about the most change, because you guys have got more networks and connections than those of us on the continent. So, you are the ones with the most leverage.

Most importantly, when it comes to changing blackness, that leverage is only potent and/or resonant only in Africa. That’s, the power and the influence that you our bothers and sisters in the west currently possess, can only translate into transformational change for blackness as a whole, only when used here in Africa, not in the west. So think about it.

Remember: all other humans have changed, and it’s only us black people who haven’t. All other humans have put poverty very far away from their people, and have even built for themselves dignified, poverty-free homelands, except only us black people.