A word of wisdom:

The Basoga, a tribe in eastern Uganda to which I belong, have the saying, “akanafa tikawulira ngombe”. Meaning: he who is predestined to die, doesn’t hear the horn of an oncoming car, however much it honks.

Similarly, if we black people were predestined (e.g. by God himself) to be the symbol of human misery forever, OR, if it’s true that we black people are indeed the descendants of Ham (of Noah) as most people say, we will continue finding every possible reason to justify why we can’t (or shouldn’t) work together.

For example, some Black Americans are going to continue saying “we are not Africans, we have no connection to Africa whatsoever” etc. Some are going to continue saying slavery is the real reason we can never work together. And others are going to continue saying “they are not us, we are not the same” etc.

But unbeknowst to us, these things are only intended to fullfill what was preprogrammed for us: being the symbol of human misery, for eternity. Remember, other people, e.g., whites, will despise each other, but will still work together. Why not us? Remember also, all other humans have changed, except ONLY us.